HELLO, I AM JON LARSON, FOUNDER AND OWNER OF MIDWEST COLLEGIATE PROSPECTS. We are one of the nation’s leading athletic consulting and recruiting organizations for student-athletes and would like to work with you during the college recruiting process.

Our team at Midwest Collegiate Prospects, works with parents, teachers, coaches, and the schools to help build a strong body, strong character, strong mind—and a strong future for your student-athlete.

Our goal is to begin a relationship with a student-athlete based on their academic talents and athletic skills. We begin working with 70% of our student-athletes in their freshman and sophomore years - this allows us the time frames to develop these student-athletes in the classroom and also work on performance enhancement for all of the sports a student-athlete plays.

67.9% of our student-athletes improve academically and 78.9% improve athletically - this leads to our placement record of over 99% for 23 years.

Midwest Collegiate Prospects expands your student-athlete’s chances of making the best college decision for their future. We work with all student-athletes who qualify both academically and athletically?



In the past, academics didn’t play a strong factor in athletics but it’s different today. The emphasis now for student-athletes is on academics as much as athletics. The better the grades the better the opportunity to play college sports.


To be successful in life takes hard work. A student-athlete works hard and tackles many tough challenges in the classroom, peer pressure to say “no” to drugs and alcohol, performance enhancement training, and athletic competition.


In 27 years at Midwest Collegiate Prospects, we have conducted over 10,000 "Kitchen Table Discussions" involving parents and student-athletes throughout the country. We take our work at MCP seriously and the hard work has paid off over 27 years. We have placed over 8,000 student-athletes in colleges and universities around the country and have achieved a 99.2% placement record for our student-athletes to go on to play college sports and earn a college degree. 92.6% of our student-athletes have graduated with a degree and gone on to be successful in business, education, medicine, law, research, etc. We even have had a number of our student-athletes go on to play professional sports - football, basketball and baseball. The best investment you make in your student-athlete is their college education.


MCP works with students covering all extra-curricular activities - sports, academics, theater, music and art. MCP has a 99.2% placement record for student-athletes that go on to play college sports and earn a college degree.


LET'S MEET Please call Midwest Collegiate Prospects at 920-362-6235 or email me here to arrange a “kitchen table” meeting with one of our Regional Consultants.


Midwest Collegiate Prospects conducts weekly Virtual Recruiting Seminars for Student-Athletes and their families who want the best opportunities for their son or daughter to play college sports. Please contact Midwest Collegiate Prospects for weekly dates and times.


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